You may want to review your current planning goals, or set new ones.

Our comprehensive approach includes strategies specific to your unique situation.

Planning Services

Retirement Planning


When your working days are over, make sure you have enough money to retire with the standard of living you are used to.  A plan can try to help you figure out how to get there and provide a strategy to spend the money you have saved up to last your entire retirement. 

Education Planning


Determine the amount of savings required to meet your goal of funding private school, college or graduate school tuition.

Risk Comfort Level


How willing are you to accept large swings in the markets?  We help you gain a realistic understanding of the components of risk.  Risk comfort level goes far beyond just being able to sleep at night.

Social Security Planning


Create a strategy to get the most money out of social security.  Married?  Divorced?  Plan to keep working until your 70's?  All have different considerations to think about.

Tax Planning


It's important to analyze your financial life from a tax perspective.  Whether that's by comparing which retirement account to contribute to, or the timing of income and purchases in retirement.

Employer Sponsored Plans


We help companies set up 401(k)s and other employer sponsored retirement plans.  As an employee, we can also answer the question on which funds you should be investing in and when to make changes.



When it comes to financial planning, it is just as important to protect your assets as it is to build them up.  Death, disability and long term care can be three of the biggest road blocks to a successful plan.

Pension Distribution Planning


Do you know the best age for you to start your pension?  Have you determined the best survivor benefit to select (if any)?  Get the most out of your pension by planning ahead, because mistakes can be permanent.

Federal Employees


Federal Employees have unique benefits with rules applicable to every situation.  We can help with pension calculations, TSP fund selection and numerous other services.  See our Federal Employee page for more information.  Do not go into retirement before checking with us.

Planning Services are typically billed hourly.  Please contact Capstone Pacific for further information.