Investment Management

The best systems and theories can sometimes be disrupted by unforeseeable changes with extreme and/or unfortunate outcomes.  Capstone Pacific is dedicated to the belief that not only is it important to participate in rising markets, but that an even better investment strategy attempts to manage the major losses that inevitably follow.  For many investors, the investment strategy called "Buy & Hold" has become "Sit & Take it".  We believe a good investment strategy is not only grounded in solid theory, but has to be responsive to today's investment realities.

If you want a logical and straightforward stock market risk-management strategy to help protect principal and a tactical asset allocation game plan in an attempt to achieve greater returns, you've come to the right place.  Unlike many advisors, we provide easy to understand advice and active management of the funds inside retirement and brokerage accounts.  We decide for you which funds to get into, how much to allocate and when to make changes.  These critical investment decisions can help make a difference of whether you retire well-off, or struggle.  

Please contact us for more detailed information on our investment strategy.